Artistic Statement

It is important to me as an artist to blend worlds together, in most cases reality with fantasy. I am a third culture kid (TCK) – a child who has travelled all over the globe. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to the uncanny: my life has been one surreal journey. I merge opposing worlds to see what they create; I refer to both notions and movement. Amalgamating traditional Greek elements with classical and contemporary dance is an innate attribute in my work. Because of my Greek-Cypriot blood I see music as married to the choreography.

My art is an extension of myself. My pieces become a vessel that I pour myself into and then display for people to see. I investigate truth within my own darker wonderland. I contemplate and search deeply in my mind where I find a realm of intangible ideas. I then turn my imaginings into reality. It is an interpretation I conjure and channel into a physical form: a painting, a song, a poem and predominantly choreography. There is a direct correlation between my art work and my taste in literature. I love descriptive, intricate, articulated, dark, obscure tales. My work echoes this dystopian mood. I am a happy person but I find beauty in the representation of the ugly. By ugly I mean the deep ugly truths and emotions that boil to the surface when human beings are pushed to extremes: a murder and the guilt that comes with it, a mistreated mental illness that festers inside and gnaws at you, or living trapped, unable to leave an abusive relationship.

I often draw inspiration from existing texts. Otherwise, I use my imagination. Although my work is fictional, it comes from an emotional and truthful place. It is often perceived as eerie; my ideas are strange, my movement polite. I love the face and the body. The body makes a succulent spectacle: the way it is, its skin, the way we move in our flesh, our unique figures and the shapes we can morph into. The audience can trace the defined lines of our sculptured muscles. I admire the sharp angles of elbows, the bony bumps of a ribcage and the curvatures of the spine. More than anything, I’m drawn to the distorted body.

 In terms of flow my work is somewhat fragmented. The movement is spasmodic –intermittent with sporadic outburst of fluidity. My choreographies have unique internal rhythms. Dancers glide, slick across the surfaces with tension but effortless motion. My pieces are built on a foundation of classic European and grotesque aesthetics. I take something ugly and exhibit it in an almost delicate manner. Truths are unveiled and personalities are exposed. Things creep all over. I communicate with my audience by instilling them with images that loiter. I like to haunt people so that some remnant of my work can linger in their heads long after they leave the theater.

Performer: Evita Zacharioglou  Photography by David Gosnier  Instagram: @Goneserious

Performer: Evita Zacharioglou

Photography by David Gosnier

Instagram: @Goneserious